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Top 5 Best Book Club Books of 2021

Book clubs are back! 2021 is the year of the Book Club and as avid readers, we’re always on the hunt for the best book club books.


7 Podcasts to Supercharge Your Self-Improvement (2021)

Supercharge your personal growth with these self-improvement podcasts that actually improve your life.


9 Self Care Sunday Rituals for your Best Life

These 9 Self-Care Sunday Rituals are ready for you to take care of yourself this Sunday. Get the best self-care ideas from The Daily Shifts.


What does a Life Well Lived Mean in 2021?

Learning to love yourself and enjoy your life. Learn with The Daily Shifts how life is meant to be lived.


5 Steps to More Clarity and Unlocking Your Intuition

Faced with a tough decision? Here’s how to find answers within.


What is a retreat? - Beginners Guide to Yoga Retreats

Take a spiritual journey and learn how to find the best retreat for you.

Daily Practice

Jumpstart Your Day with a 5 Minute Morning Meditation

These 5 Minute Morning Meditation ideas will help beginners learn how to meditate.


5 Powerful Books About Depression and Anxiety for 2021

Expand your mind with these books about depression and anxiety that are designed to help you heal.


4 Restorative Activities for World Environment Day

World Environment day is a great opportunity for us to create new habits that allow us to connect with and appreciate the Earth and all that it does for us!


5 Fun Mindfulness Activities To Try This Summer

Celebrate Memorial Day and Summer 2021 with these awesome mindfulness activities to try out this summer from the Daily Shifts.


4 Easy Ways to Focus on What You Can Control

When you focus on what you can control, your thoughts will give you power and positivity. Learn the 4 ways to focus on what you can control.


3 Ways to Break the Stigma of Mental Health Medication

Learn the best ways to break the stigma of using medication, the benefits of medication for mental illness and the importance of mental health.


5 Strategies For How To Learn Patience

Patience leads to less stress, less anger, and a happier life. Learn 5 effective strategies on how to be more patient.


5 Ways to Find a Therapist and Get The Help You Need

There’s no shame in seeking professional help. Here’s how to find the right therapist near you.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month in 2021

This month we are focusing on our mental health and the importance of therapy. Learn more with the Daily Shifts about Mental Health Awareness Month 2021.


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