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No matter where you are on your journey — whether you're going through a transition, setting new goals, or trying to uncover your life's purpose — The Daily Shifts is here to help find your inner peace.
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Holy Sh!t We're Alive: Extra Credit

Do you find yourself not feeling confident about your beliefs or purpose? Do you want to learn to love yourself again? This course will give you growth tools and permission to rebuild your life from the inside out.

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Real happiness only comes from the inside and it’s a state of being we can find and access regardless of all the noise and chaos that happens in our external world. Finding inner peace is a game changer. This free ebook provides 5 simple hacks to create a ripple effect of balance and presence.

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Transformative changes start with very small actions. In just 21-days, these simple action items will help you elevate your life with a healthy reset of your mind, body, and spirit.

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Shift is the premier app for mastering mindfulness in the modern world. Through science-based approaches and spiritual teachings, experience for yourself how small shifts —done daily— create long-lasting change.

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Get started and make your first daily shift by joining us today. Try our evidence-based practices for lasting transformation of mind, body and soul.


Sharpen awareness and eliminate anxiety with simple mindfulness acuity tools.


Move better, sleep better, and feel better with daily wellness tips.


Dig deep and discover your purpose with inspiring and evocative prompts.

Hear from our thriving Shift community

Bayavoce  |  Sep 11
Loving this app!
This app is such a great reminder to slow down, get present, and refocus my attention. So grateful!
Travballl  |  Sep 29
Love life!
Love the breathing exercises and the meditation for different feelings. Helps keep me balanced throughout the day. Would recommend to a friend :)
Nyrmdance  |  Sep 9
5 stars!
5 stars for an awesome original app. Helps me to stay accountable to myself. Definitely recommend.
TyTy  |  Sep 29
Love it!!!
Great App! It's a great concept, and is super easy to use. If everyone would download and use this app our world would be a much nicer, happier place.
fishin_bird  |  Sep 17
The app I've been waiting for.
I love this app! The shifts are short and super doable which makes it easy to keep up and keep making positive changes. Obsessed!
Ben-air  |  Sep 13
Much needed app.
I love it and I've only used it for three days. I usually write my goals every day so this is good to have them everywhere. Wether I'm on the road or home.
Queen_Tee_  |  Sep 17
Love Shift!
Obsessed with this app! Love how it reminds me to be present throughout the day. I also like the meditations better than some other apps I've used.
DTAFT11  |  Sep 15
Perfect reminder system through out the day to keep you on track!

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