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4 Foolproof Tips for Forming Healthy Habits

Introducing new habits is easy when you understand the key to making them stick—cognitively that is. Try these proven tips for a behavioral reset.


5 Ways to Set Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries protect and empower us. This article walks you through the basic steps to set and ultimately stick to healthy boundaries.

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How to Calm the F**K Down in 4 Minutes

A simple tool you can use anywhere, anytime, to calm down, de-stress, and feel clear-headed.


Love life looking bleak? Bring the spark back with mindful dating.

Mindfulness is the key to deepening romantic connections. Here are 4 ways you can invite mindfulness to your love life and reap the benefits.

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Be Here Now — 5 Ways to Savor Your Summer

This summer may be different than anything we’ve ever experienced but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy it. Use these 5 tips to make the most of it!


5 Steps to Mental Clarity

Faced with a tough decision? Don’t let brain fog and outside opinions influence your decision-making process. Here’s how to find answers within.


8 Ways to Practice Empathy

Whether you’re a hardcore empath or striving to be more empathetic, here are 8 ways you can utilize empathy as a superpower.


The Ultimate Self Care Checklist For Quarantine

We don’t know how long quarantine will last, but it’s important that we continue with self-care. Here’s our quarantine self-care tips to make things easier.


9 Ways to Be More Mindful of Your Space

Make the most of your space while you’re stuck at home. Start by being mindful of space in two ways: metaphorical space and physical space.


4 Ways To Keep Your Body Healthy During Quarantine

It’s time to treat your body the way it’s meant to be treated. Here are some simple things you can do to stay well during quarantine.


4 Ways To Protect Your Mental Health During Quarantine

While taking care of ourselves physically is priority at this time, it’s crucial that we check in with ourselves mentally. Here are some simple self-care ideas:

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How To Revisit Your New Year’s Resolutions

Do you remember the resolutions you set this year? Whether you've been working towards them or not, now is a great time to revisit and restore them.

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Start Journaling to Boost Your Mood — 5 Easy Prompts.

Journaling is a great way to boost your mood. Using writing prompts can help inspire a daily practice of gratitude.