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6 Skills That Will Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

The power of effective communication is largely underrated. Here are 6 steps that will help your emotional intelligence.


Learning How to Calm Your Mind in 5 minutes

Try this tool to calm your overactive mind in 5 minutes or less.

Daily Practice

The Meditative Path to Changing Daily Habits

One of the most effective ways to change daily habits is through a mindful, meditative path.


5 Minute Guide to Setting Effective Daily Goals

Have a goal in mind but struggle to make it happen? Setting daily goals may be your key to success, check out this quick guide on setting effective daily goals.


12 Strategies to Eliminate All-or-Nothing Thinking

Habitually thinking in extremes can turn your life into a chaotic rollercoaster of emotions. Try these 12 strategies to eliminate all-or-nothing thinking.


5 Tips to Create a Present Moment Mindset

Having a present moment mindset allows you to thrive in the moment and live a more fulfilled life. Try these 5 tips to get started.


5 Simple Steps to Leverage Your Strengths

Make the most of your natural and acquired talents and maximize your life by following these 5 simple steps to leverage your strengths.


4 Ways To Practice Mindful Eating

It’s the perfect time to refresh your diet to foster great gut health by being mindful with what you put in your body. Here are a few ways to do it:


5 Ways To Turn Cleaning Into Mindfulness

Are you wanting to be more mindful in your everyday life? Here are five ways you can practice mindful cleaning and organization in your home.


6 Ways to Use Affirmations to Get What You Want

Incorporating affirmations into your daily routine is an effective way to put effort into manifesting. Here’s some tips on how to manifest like a pro.


5 Tips for Beating Your Anxiety

During this pandemic, it’s common for people to experience high stress. Here are some tried and true tips to help you get by.

Daily Practice

4 Ways To Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Here are some easy steps you can take to finally feel well-rested.


4 Signs Of Progress In Meditation

It can be difficult to measure progress with meditation. Here are some signs that may indicate you’re progressing.


How To Do Real Magic In Your Life

Real magic is totally possible... Try these tips to create real magic in your life every day.


How to Have Courage and Be Kind

Learn what Cinderella meant with the quote Have Courage and Be Kind and how it can help you succeed.


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