How To Do Real Magic In Your Life

It’s October, which means we officially have permission to get spooky. Speaking of spooky, we all have a little bit of real magic in each of us. Have you ever predicted something before it actually happened or dreamed about someone you haven’t seen in a while, only to see them soon after? Maybe you had a feeling in your body that told you exactly what you needed to do or say.

All of these are examples of our intuition in action but they can also be considered real magic. 

You can tap into your real magic in all types of ways. We all have different gifts, from feeling to seeing and even smelling and tasting. The universe is always speaking to us and even though our bodies can sense things our minds cannot always catch up and comprehend. 

We can start to practice real magic by expanding our awareness and trusting our intuition to guide us.

How to do Real Magic

Real magic isn’t just about spells and potions. Real magic is happening around us all of the time. Becoming more sensitive and aware of your surroundings and you still begin to notice the magic in your life. Once you’ve mastered this practice in quiet, start to bring your awareness to the outside world, feeling into the energy of your surroundings. Become aware of the energy at your local grocery store and coffee shop. 

You will start to notice repetition and patterns during this practice. Things will start to make sense. You will gain trust in your dreams and synchronicities. This is your intuition. To deepen this practice we recommend starting with daily meditation. Meditation practice helps us become familiar with our own bodies and sensations. Daily meditation practice will help us build healthy habits and bring us closer to the magic of our intuition.

What is the Meaning of Intuition?

Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Some might describe their intuition as a trust or knowing inside of them. Others may explain intuition as a “gut feeling”. We all have the real magic of intuition and the more we practice trusting, feeling, and listening, the sooner we can utilize our gifts.

Intuition does not come from the logical side of the brain. Therefore it technically cannot be explained in one specific way for everyone.

It just happens.

Ways to Create More Magic in Your Life

  1. Self-Care Rituals. Here at The Daily Shifts, we love a self-care moment. Adding a spooky spell or even some rose petals to your rituals can create an extra layer of magic. Add more real magic to your rituals by lighting candles and burning incense to honor yourself and your time. Close your eyes and visualize your dream life. The magic is already inside of you. 
  2. Affirmations and Mantras. Affirmations can be used as a type of spell and you don’t even have to be a witch to cast them. Add real magic to your affirmation routine by casting them on yourself each morning, afternoon, and night. Affirmations and spells are best cast in the mirror, through repetition. Mantras can also be used as spells. Created with so much intention behind them, mantras are a great way to help you on your journey to living a rich and magical-filled life. 
  3. Follow the Stars. There is a lot of magic and synchronicity in the night sky and astrology. It can help you find success in both personal and the world. Learning more about the positions of the different planets and their effect on our world can create a whole new meaning of real magic for you. The moon, the sun, the stars, and the earth all communicate and once you become attuned to this information, you will be able to create infinite magic in your everyday life. 
  4. Wish and Imagine. When we get older, we tend to think wishing and imagining are immature and a waste of time. Wishing and imagining are some of the best ways to add real magic to your life. Creating an image of the reality you want in your head gives your wish or dream a foundation to start building on. Challenge yourself by closing your eyes and imagining what your perfect day would look like. What would it feel like? Imagine the way it would taste and smell. This kind of imagining creates a level of magic that we can bring with us wherever we go. 
  5. Be in nature. Nature is one of the most mystical and magical places. From your neighborhood park to the beach and the mountains, magic is constantly happening in nature. Start to notice the magic of the trees and plants growing in a way that allows them to reach the sun. Watch the unfolding of a sunset and the peak of the sunrise. The peace and serenity found in nature make it a great way to connect to our own inner magic. Check out our ideas for outdoor workouts to expand your mind and body.

As we start to notice and create more magic in our lives, we will begin to better understand our role as powerful co-creators of our reality. How can you create more possibilities for magic in your life? There is real magic all around us, we just have to know where to look. For more magic and courage to be your more authentic self, check out the first chapter of Holy Sh!t We’re Alive!

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