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5 Post Pandemic Declutter Challenges

The pandemic is almost over and we're ready to help you declutter, clean your room and learn how to organize your life.


8 Activities to Celebrate Earth Day in 2021

The 2021 Earth Day theme is Restore Our Earth. Check out these awesome projects and activities to celebrate Earth Day with us.

Daily Practice

4 Simple Steps to Success in 2021

Use these insightful steps to success and learn about how you can grow into a more successful life.


25 Popular Brené Brown Quotes on Empathy, Shame, and Trust

Here are 25 amazing Brené Brown quotes that will help you gain insight, self-esteem, and compassion.


10 Challenges from Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins: Book Summary and Review

David Goggins' book Can't Hurt Me is a story that inspires action. This book summary and review will help you take action instead of finding excuses.


6 Tips on How to Find Your Purpose in Life

Follow these 6 Tips on How to Find Your Purpose in Life and learn more about how to enrich your life with The Daily Shifts


The Ultimate 21 Day Challenge for Positive Change in 2021

Looking to get your life on track in 2021 after the mess of 2020? The Daily Shifts 21 Day Challenge is here to help you make positive changes to your life.


4 Badass Women that Personify Women's History Month 2021

Celebrate this year’s Women's History Month by learning about these four amazing women who embody female empowerment.


The Four Agreements Quotes that You Need to Know

These quotes from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz will help you find a code of conduct based on ancient Toltec wisdom.

Daily Practice

Create a Clean Space in your Home & Head with Marie Kondo

How the KonMari Method from Marie Kondo can help you create a Clean Space in your home and in your head.


Gratitude Affirmations to Feel Calm, Happy and Centered

Using these easy gratitude affirmations and meditations will boost your self-discovery.

Daily Practice

How Cold Exposure and Breathwork Will Change Your Life

Level up your confidence, energy and health with these simple cold exposure and breathwork tips.


Easy Confidence Affirmations for Success That Really Work

These confidence affirmations will help you boost your success. Wondering what success means? Read on to learn and skyrocket your success.


6 Easy Grounding Techniques For Anxiety

During this pandemic, it’s common for people to experience high stress. Here are 6 simple grounding techniques for anxiety to melt stress away.


How to Let Go of the Past and Keep Moving Forward

Stop living in the past – it’s keeping you from living your best life. Here are our tips for how to let go of the past and keep moving forward.


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