Jimmy Rex

Every week I'll be sharing my ideas, thoughts, and insights that will inspire you to look at the world differently and possibly change some old paradigms, holding you back. Hopefully, by sharing my stories with you, you will be able to step into the highest, most authentic version of yourself. So you can fully maximize your life and your human experience.

From feeling like a successful failure to finding a path to God. Making an impact on the world with Jimmy Rex.

March 30, 2021
with Doug Cartwright

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Show Notes

This week on Holy Sh!t We’re Alive we’re talking with Jimmy Rex.

Jimmy has built an amazing real estate company, he’s the author of books, speaker at events, and he inspires thousands through his social media…

But just like any other “overnight success” his journey started in a much different place.

Jimmy grew up following the straight and narrow path laid out for him by the church he was raised in…

After seeing so many twists and turns in his life and doubling down on self improvement he learned one simple idea:

He could learn a lot about the direction of his own life by understanding the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of others.

Jimmy talks about his journey of leaving his religion, diving into plant medicine, studying and researching self-improvement, launching businesses, and finding empathy for others.

You’ll love when he talks about something he’s been doing recently on his Instagram: The $100 dinner club.

For more information about Jimmy, take a look at his website and his social media below:

Jimmy’s Book: Click here to view the book on amazon.com

Website: https://www.mrjimmyrex.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrjimmyrex

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