Sierra Schubach

Every week I'll be sharing my ideas, thoughts, and insights that will inspire you to look at the world differently and possibly change some old paradigms, holding you back. Hopefully, by sharing my stories with you, you will be able to step into the highest, most authentic version of yourself. So you can fully maximize your life and your human experience.

Trying to fit in, teen pregnancy, murder, anger, and a self-love spiritual awakening. Playing the cards life deals you with Sierra Schubach.

February 17, 2021
with Doug Cartwright

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Show Notes

Welcome back to Holy Sh!t We’re Alive!

I’m excited to let you in on a conversation this week with a great friend of mind, Sierra Schubach.

(Follow her on Instagram here: @siayonce)

I’ve known Sierra for a long time and her story has always been so incredible to me…

Sierra had a lot of cards dealt to her that seem unfair — from growing up without a father figure in a highly religious community, giving her first child up for adoption at 19 years old, to hearing her mom had been murdered in her mid 20’s.

Sierra shares how the events that had unfolded in her life left her angry and independent — like she didn’t want or need help from anyone.

A few years ago her awakening began…

It started with reading the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Sierra shares how she started moving from a place of anger to a place of love.

“I carried around my anger, like, like it was my job. I wanted everyone to feel it and if I wasn't angry enough and I wasn't doing good enough. When I finally looked at that pattern, I realized that I didn’t have to be angry — I could feel love because I AM love.”

Sierra became a huge advocate for self-love and teaches others through her newsletter to stop worrying so much about the cards they have been dealt and to just focus on walking the path.

She also talks about how self-love has nothing to do with how you look or how others see and how she realized that vulnerability helped her let go of her anger.

I loved this conversation with Sierra — her story is amazing and I think you’ll love hearing about her journey.

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