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Every week I'll be sharing my ideas, thoughts, and insights that will inspire you to look at the world differently and possibly change some old paradigms, holding you back. Hopefully, by sharing my stories with you, you will be able to step into the highest, most authentic version of yourself. So you can fully maximize your life and your human experience.

Pornography, complacency, and addiction. Rewiring your brain with Frank Rich.

June 3, 2021
with Doug Cartwright

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Show Notes

What’s it like to live a life without consequences?

Frank Rich grew up in a home where he had very few consequences for his actions… Drinking, smoking weed, drugs, pornography and more were all part of his life from a very early age.

But does he have regrets?

Absolutely not.

Through his own experience with addiction, money, and chasing success he learned what works for him and what doesn’t.

After leaving a high-paying job, Frank developed curriculum to help men battling addictions to pornography — focusing not on the MORALITY side, but on the SCIENCE behind what pornogrphy does to your brain and how to UNWIRE learned beliefs.

So what does he say about regret?

Everything in our lives leads us to where we are now.

This episode is a great listen and Frank shares his seven-step method for overcoming addictions and rewiring any negative behavior.

Also, did I mention that I have space for two new private coaching clients?

If you’re interested in finding out more, DM me on Instagram and we can set up a call.

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