Sean Whalen

Every week I'll be sharing my ideas, thoughts, and insights that will inspire you to look at the world differently and possibly change some old paradigms, holding you back. Hopefully, by sharing my stories with you, you will be able to step into the highest, most authentic version of yourself. So you can fully maximize your life and your human experience.

From suicide to a million dollars a month. Turning the lights on with Sean Whalen.

March 9, 2021
with Doug Cartwright

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Show Notes

This week on Holy Sh!t We’re Alive we’re talking with Sean Whalen.

Sean has built an incredible business that involves an apparel line, coaching, live events, his Amazon best-selling book and more…

But it wasn’t always great for Sean.

He shares his story of building his life based on comparison and ego and watching it all come crumbling down as he got divorced, changed careers, and found meaning.

As his life was unraveling he started to realize how angry he was… Angry at God, angry at his business partners, his ex-wife, everyone.

He shares the moment when things changed for him — and he realized that he had the choice to change the direction of his life. When he embraced the truth and owning who he was his entire life changed.

Sean has some great insight into the process of “turning the lights on” and being authentically you.

For more information about Sean, take a look at his website and his social media below:

Website: Lions Not Sheep

Instagram: @seanwwhalen

Amazon Listing: How to Make Sh*t Happen

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