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6 Ways to Increase Your True Wealth Today

If you’re reading this, you probably already share a common view with us: that money isn’t everything. Sure, money is important, but does it equate to true wealth? No.

It’s possible to have tons of money and feel miserable if other aspects of your life aren’t enriched. Conversely, it’s possible to have not so much money but feel rich in countless other ways. True wealth is about way more than just cash. It’s about all aspects of your life and how the different aspects make you feel. For example, are your relationships rich in love and meaning? Is your career fulfilling and helping you follow your passion? Are you growing each and every day?

True wealth doesn’t come easy. It takes ongoing hard work to become truly wealthy and to stay that way. It involves looking within yourself as well as all aspects of your life. It involves finding your purpose and meaning. Soon, you’ll confirm what you had already suspected – that there’s so much more to wealth than just cash.

Here are six ways to increase your true wealth, starting right now.

Be The Best Version of Yourself and Build Your True Wealth

Being truly wealthy starts within yourself. How can you be the best version of yourself? What can you do to tap into your true self so that you can find meaning in all other aspects of your life? You have to really get to know yourself and be comfortable with yourself before you can set out to find true wealth. Once you’ve started to be introspective and you know what it takes to be the best version of yourself, you can begin to look into external aspects of your life that impact you and your true wealth.

What Are Your True Wealth Assets?

There are eight assets that can help you be the best version of you and acquire true wealth. They are:

Family: How are your relationships with your parents, siblings, partner, and children? If you don’t have the best relationship with your family, what about your chosen family?

Career: Are you doing meaningful work that’s important to you? Do you have goals to grow and expand in your field? Are you doing work that is enjoyable for you, and not just doing it for the money?

Finances: Are you putting yourself in the best situation to provide, and are you saving for the future? Are you financially comfortable, without putting too much emphasis on money?

Health: Are you moving your body, eating heathy, sleeping enough, and staying hydrated? Staying physically well is crucial to be able to work on all the other assets. Are you taking care of yourself?

Relationships: Are you connecting with your friends? Do you have a supportive community and/or network? Are you connecting with these people beyond a surface level and having meaningful conversations?

Spirituality: Do you feel connected to a higher power – whatever that may mean for you? Do you have a purpose in life? 

Personal growth: Are you striving to be the best version of you? How’s your relationship with yourself? Do you have plans in place to grow as a human being?

Fun: What are you doing to have fun and increase positive experiences? What makes you laugh and enjoy your life? Having fun is just as important as working hard.

True Wealth Personal Growth Challenges

You’ll likely run into some challenges on your path to gaining and maintaining true wealth. Here are some challenges you might face, as well as life management tips for how to combat these challenges.

1. Letting money rule everything: Don’t let money rule all aspects of your career or your life. As we determined, cash does not equal true wealth. Live life within your means to stay financially comfortable without drowning in debt, and remember to ask yourself if your work brings you joy...even when it isn’t payday.

2. Not being sure what your purpose is: It might be hard to find true wealth if you’re not sure what your passion or purpose is. Having clear passions and a purpose will guide you to make the right decisions on your path to true wealth. It can take some trial and error to really figure this out, but it’s worth the wait.

3. Slacking on personal development: If you aren’t trying to grow and be the best version of you, you might become complacent in various aspects of your life, and complacency will get in the way of true wealth. Remind yourself that in order to be truly wealthy, you should always be seeking opportunities to grow, no matter what area of life you’re looking at. Try to improve yourself every day.

Finding Your True Wealth Purpose

Why do you want true wealth in the first place? When you’re on your journey to becoming truly wealthy, remind yourself of your why. Maybe you realized that money doesn’t bring you happiness in the way you thought it would. Maybe you realized that life is about way more than work. Try journaling to explore this concept. Once you are really clear on the reason why you want true wealth, it can be easier to stay motivated. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Create More Meaning in Your Life and Grow Your True Wealth

True wealth is synonymous with having meaning in life. Return your attention to the eight pillars: family, career, finances, health, relationships, spirituality, personal growth, and fun. Ask yourself: How can you create more meaning in your life in each of these pillars? Use The Daily Shifts app as a life planner to input these goals into each category. This life management tool can help you create more meaning in these aspects of your life. True wealth will follow.

Stick to all of these tips and you’ll be on track to becoming rich in the ways that really matter. If you’re serious about making changes in your life and you want to be the best version of you, check out our ebook to learn how to invest in yourself and take part in our self-improvement challenge.

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