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5-Day Challenge To Reset Your Life & Have The Best Week Ever

Transformative changes start with very small actions. In 5 days, change your daily routine and put in place powerful, simple habits for the best week (and life) ever.
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Our modern world is full of distractions.

There are so many external pressures —media, advertisements, and countless other voices — promising us that if we buy this or get that, we’ll finally be happy. And we get so distracted by these voices, we forget to listen to our own.
When you focus only on external distractions, you’ll never feel fulfilled.

Here is the complete schedule to reset your life.

You’ll be able to complete each day’s training in under 10 minutes.


Snap out of comparison mode—it’s there to steal your joy!
Cultivate a relationship with gratitude so you can be happy now, not later.
Gain a healthier perspective on your life by engaging in gratitude practices.
Leave behind the pressures of comparison once and for all.


Relieve anxiety and stress through breathing practices.
Connect your intentions to your breath by developing this habit.
Learn the benefits and basics of mindful breathing.
Align brain function and produce a heightened awareness.


Bring presence to your life so you can experience it to the fullest.
Improve your relationships by being fully present in every situation.
Change your perception of what happens “to you” to what is happening “for your best interest".
Experience life to the fullest by accepting each moment as it is.


Get 2 simple habits that will improve your health instantly.
Realign your health and show up feeling your best.
Have more productivity and meaningful connections.
Reenergize and overcome brain fog.


Nurture your highest self—you deserve the highest quality of life.
Avoid a fixed mindset by prioritizing meaningful connections in all areas of life.
Be intentional with your time and energy.
Develop a true connection with yourself by tuning into your physical and emotional needs.
Are you ready to reconnect with those around you and yourself?
“I consider myself a driven, goal-oriented. Shift has become my tool for transforming my daily grind. I'm becoming a more mindful and intentional person at a micro level."
Benson Metcalf
VP strategic partnerships, pluralsight
“The Daily Shifts helps me better understand my feelings and how the importance of staying centered can help me navigate through times of confusion and noise that we all inevitably face."
Sam Stratford
CEO & Founder, hawaii beach campervans
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What will I get? 
Each day you will receive a daily text and email with a link to that day’s training page. The training page will have a video lesson, a tip, and a daily challenge.

At the end of the 5 days, you’ll receive a link where you can access the entire training forever so you can go through it again and again.
Will I have the best week ever?
Yes — but you must lean into the experience. If you fully engage with the content and participate in the challenges, you will see an improvement. This experience is wellness-oriented which means it isn’t a quick fix. We are building a foundation for better mental and physical health. It won’t happen overnight butI do believe after 5 days you’ll walk away with healthier habits and MORE clarity and confidence in your decisions.

Hear from our thriving Shift community

Bayavoce  |  Sep 11
Loving this app!
This app is such a great reminder to slow down, get present, and refocus my attention. So grateful!
Travballl  |  Sep 29
Love life!
Love the breathing exercises and the meditation for different feelings. Helps keep me balanced throughout the day. Would recommend to a friend :)
Nyrmdance  |  Sep 9
5 stars!
5 stars for an awesome original app. Helps me to stay accountable to myself. Definitely recommend.
TyTy  |  Sep 29
Love it!!!
Great App! It's a great concept, and is super easy to use. If everyone would download and use this app our world would be a much nicer, happier place.
fishin_bird  |  Sep 17
The app I've been waiting for.
I love this app! The shifts are short and super doable which makes it easy to keep up and keep making positive changes. Obsessed!
Ben-air  |  Sep 13
Much needed app.
I love it and I've only used it for three days. I usually write my goals every day so this is good to have them everywhere. Wether I'm on the road or home.
Queen_Tee_  |  Sep 17
Love Shift!
Obsessed with this app! Love how it reminds me to be present throughout the day. I also like the meditations better than some other apps I've used.
DTAFT11  |  Sep 15
Perfect reminder system through out the day to keep you on track!