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Wellness Wednesday Tips to Kickstart Your Wellness Routine

Fall is just around the corner, school is starting, and routines are beginning to change.

We know how challenging it can be to stick to your daily wellness routines in our constantly moving world. It’s important to check in with yourself often and when you need a little boost in your self-care practices, try out Wellness Wednesday. Wondering what Wellness Wednesday is? We like to think of Wellness Wednesday simply as an opportunity to recharge your mental wellbeing and upgrade your self-care routine.

Wellness Wednesday is great for anyone who wants to change or even add something new to their wellness practices. At The Daily Shifts, practicing Wellness Wednesday has given us the opportunity to figure out what wellness practices work best for us by trying out several different routines.

We put together a list of Wellness Wednesday tips for you to try out for yourself. We hope these ideas and tips will help to support you on your journey to maximize your experience and find your flow.

Block Out No Phone Time

The studies are in and we all know reducing screen time is exactly what the doctor ordered. Block out at least two hours of no screen time to see for yourself. During this time, take a moment to observe and experience typical everyday activities. Give your mind a much-needed break by meditating and connecting with the present moment.

It’s common to feel anxious or bored when we are suddenly forced to be with ourselves. We recommend exploring some of our other Wellness Wednesday tips during your no phone time if this practice becomes too tricky for you. Still restless? Try reading a good book, exercising, or even taking a walk to ease yourself into this time without technology.

Go on an Adventure Walk

At The Daily Shifts, we’re huge fans of the Adventure Walk because it really is that good! This practice combines a few different modalities into one sweet journey through your own neighborhood. Set your phone down, disconnect with the outside world, and reconnect with yourself. Adventure walks can be customized to fit your lifestyle, but we recommend walking for no less than one mile.

Get more ideas and tips for your Adventure Walk.

Plan a Day Outside

It’s been said that being in nature can solve at least 99 of your problems. At The Daily Shifts, we’re big believers in the healing powers of nature and we love to plan for a lot of time outdoors. Being in nature instantly grounds you and allows space to clear your mind. Being in nature can mean anything from your stepping into your own backyard, exploring your neighborhood park, or taking a beautiful mountain hike.

Pay attention to how you feel after being in nature and reflect on those feelings. This practice will help you to connect deeper with yourself and start building healthy habits no matter where you are on your journey.

Get Lunch With a Friend

Sometimes, all we need is human connection. Spending time with the people we love can be a great way to get in quality self-care. This is especially important for those who live alone or don’t have a constant stream of direct human interaction. 

Humans need interaction to deepen moments and strengthen the bonds between people. These interactions inspire change and build trust. This foundation allows us to feel safe in our bodies and our surroundings. Connecting with others has been proven to lower anxiety & depression, help us regulate our emotions better, and lead to higher self-esteem. All of this is said to rewire our moods and immune systems for the better.

Write Down Things You Are Grateful For

At the root of happiness and wellbeing is gratitude. Studies show when we begin our days with gratitude, we are more likely to stay in a state of gratitude for the entirety of that day. Practicing gratitude is a great way to reflect and recognize all that you do have, especially during times when you are feeling without. When we practice gratitude often we hone in on our skill to focus on the things we can control

Grab a pen and paper and write down at least five things you’re grateful for this Wellness Wednesday. Pro tip: challenge yourself to try this practice daily for optimal results and exponential happiness. ;)


Mindful journaling can be extremely therapeutic and can help you to stay calm in difficult times. Journaling can also be a check-in tool for the different seasons of our lives. But the value of journaling really shines when we stick with it despite the inevitable ups and downs. 

Next Wellness Wednesday, grab and notebook and add journaling to any of your current self-care practices, whether that’s yoga, meditation, walking or simply writing after a nice bubble bath before you go to sleep. Using a journal to record your thoughts and feelings will allow you to better understand yourself and the world around you.

Turn Off Your Alarm

Have you heard of your circadian rhythms? They are the physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle, which means these natural processes respond primarily to light and dark. Sun and moon. When our circadian rhythms are constantly disrupted, feelings of fatigue and even depression increase. 

When we turn off our alarm and allow our bodies to rest as needed and wake naturally, we can start to repair and reset our bodies. Sometimes, we have to take some time to unravel the parts of our daily routines that need to rest. Next Wellness Wednesday, turn off your alarm and let yourself wake up naturally. Your body and your mind will thank you.

Start an Affirmations Practice

Affirmations are incredibly powerful and can be a beautiful way to achieve wellness through mindfulness. Affirmations are often spoken aloud and release you from negativity, fear, worry, and anxiety. When repeated over and over again, the affirmations begin to create new beliefs, slowly changing your pattern of thinking and ultimately increasing your self-love and self-worth.

Positive affirmations are generally statements that start with “I am…” and then include a positive word. Stay away from things you won’t, don’t, or shouldn’t do. Rather framing them into a positive, can, am, and have, and then continuing to write or speak the affirmation aloud. 

As you move through some of these Wellness Wednesday practices, think of it as a playful exercise or experiment. Try them out for a few weeks and start to see what happens. What new opportunities pop up? What new feelings or beliefs do you have about yourself and the world? By implementing any of these Wellness Wednesday practices into your daily routine, you can find success, change your mindset—and, ultimately, change your life.

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