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Jumpstart Your Day with a 5 Minute Morning Meditation

Meditation is one of those words that has a million different meanings. Here’s a quick definition for beginners and experts alike, meditation is any practice using mindfulness or focus on specific objects, thoughts, or activities. We practice meditation to train our thoughts and awareness to achieve a more clear mental and emotional state of being.

Morning meditation is a great way to start your day. Whether you’re just beginning your meditation practice or you’re already a novice meditator, these 5 minute morning meditation ideas will give you the inspiration and motivation you’ve been looking for to level up your daily meditation.

Enjoy our Free 5 Minute Morning Meditation

Find a peaceful place to sit down and relax. Quiet your thoughts by bringing attention to your breath. Once you have found yourself in a comfortable seated position, go ahead and press play on our free 5 minute morning meditation. Enjoy!

After Your Morning Meditation, Try a No Phone Walk

We call this the Adventure Walk. After you’ve given yourself some moments of stillness, put your phone on the counter, kiss it goodbye, and walk out the front door. No pressure, just you and your walk. The idea is to be present with your surroundings and thoughts. Notice, see, smell, and hear, all of the things you may have previously missed because you were distracted. Look at this time as another way you can sharpen your meditation practice. 

Things that are highly encouraged on Adventure Walks…

  • Stopping to smell the roses
  • Smiling at strangers
  • Daydreaming
  • Affirmations/Manifestations

This is your time, remember to have fun with it!

Next, Journal your Reflections from your Morning Meditation

Journaling is a great way to reflect after meditating. It can also be a useful method when processing any unexpected thoughts and feelings that came up during your meditation and Adventure Walk. You can journal anything from a bulleted list to a fictional story. 

If you need help getting started, try one of our Adventure Walk journal prompts…

  1. What are some new things I saw in my neighborhood that I didn’t notice before? Animals, buildings, houses, businesses, etc.
  1. What did not having my phone for that time bring up for me? Did you reach for your phone? How is your mood? Was it nice to have a break?

Then, Download The Best Free Meditation Apps

The Daily Shifts App for Self Help

Designed to help you master mindfulness in the modern world. Learn how to find happiness within. Through science-based approaches and spiritual teachings, experience for yourself how small shifts —done daily— create healthy habits, long-lasting change, and even inner peace.

Insight Timer - Meditation App

This app was made to help with sleep, anxiety, and stress. It has an enormous library of guided meditations by teachers from around the world. If you prefer a quieter experience, they also offer a timer where you can meditate to soothing white noise, intermittent bells, or calming playlists. 

Relax Now: Hypnosis Meditation

Need help reducing stress and sleeping? This app has recordings by certified hypnotherapist, David Ridgeway D. Hypn., M.N.C.H., designed to help your body relax. You will find plenty of “choose your own adventure” options designed to help either energize and wake you or relax you to sleep.

Need more? Try these Meditation Playlists

When all else fails, music is like a warm hug to the soul. We’ve gathered some of our favorite meditation playlists on Spotify for you to check out and follow!

PS: If you’re interested in expanding your journaling practice, check out these 5 Easy Journaling Prompts to Boost Your Mood.


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