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5 Post Pandemic Declutter Challenges

If your home or apartment has become a total and complete mess throughout the past year, you're not alone. Dealing with the pandemic has made it difficult to do a lot of things, including keeping up with household chores – but don’t worry. We’re here to help you.

These 5 declutter challenges will teach you how to organize your life and your home.

Declutter Challenge #1: The Declutter Checklist Challenge

Make your very own declutter checklist challenge. You know your space best, but here are just a few ideas of things you can add to your declutter checklist that can help get you started.

Your declutter checklist:

  • Your junk drawer
  • Your kitchen cabinets
  • Your fridge and freezer
  • Your hall closets
  • Your under bed storage
  • Your dresser drawers
  • Your closet
  • Your bathroom medicine cabinet
  • Your bathroom counter space 
  • Your nightstand

This is just a starting point to inspire you. But the bottom line is, any area can be decluttered if you put your mind to it, and less clutter = a clean room!

Declutter Challenge #2: 6 Steps to a Clean Space with Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is basically the queen of decluttering and teaching you how to organize your life. Her method is called the KonMari Method™. There are six principles in her method. They are:

  • Commit Yourself to Tidying Up
  • Imagine Your Ideal Lifestyle
  • Finish Discarding First
  • Tidy by Category, Not by Location
  • Follow the Right Order
  • Ask Yourself "Does it Spark Joy?"

To touch on one of the most important and unique principles, we’ll dive a little deeper into the “Does it Spark Joy?” principle.

The method suggests picking up your items one by one and asking yourself for each item, “Does it spark joy?” If the answer is yes, keep it. If the answer is no, throw it out or donate it. The ideal clean room will not include items that spark negativity instead of joy. Going through your items one at a time will really help you revisit everything you own and determine if it is positive or negative.

If you want to learn more about the KonMari Method, we definitely recommend watching her Netflix Series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

Declutter Challenge #3:  5 Day Clean Room Challenge

If you try to clean your room in one day, you’re probably going to get exhausted, burnt out, and not finish. Instead, we recommend breaking it up into a 5 day clean room declutter challenge.

Here’s what our 5 day clean room challenge entails.

Day 1: Start by cleaning up the most obvious messes. This means picking up things that are strewn across your floor (hello, dirty laundry) or things that are piling up on your nightstand. Getting rid of these messes that are in plain sight can help you begin to put a dent in your messy room. Oh, and don’t forget to make your bed!

Day 2: Next, move onto decluttering the next most obvious messes. Maybe the top of your dresser is a little bit too covered with knick-knacks, or maybe your drawers are overflowing. Tidy it up for now, and we’ll dive deeper into that soon.

Days 3 and 4: Time to revisit your drawers and closet! To make things more doable, we recommend splitting this up into two days. Choose whether you want to tackle your closet or your drawers first, and commit to finishing that for the day. Organize, fold, and hang. Set aside clothes you don’t like anymore and decide if you want to donate or sell them.

Day 5: Now, for the finishing touches! The last item on the declutter checklist is to do some deep cleaning. That means vacuuming, dusting, and using your favorite surface cleaner to clean the surfaces of your furniture and your windows.

Declutter Challenge #4: The Daily Shifts 3M Morning Routine

We have created the highly effective 3M Morning Routine that can really get your day started on the right foot and gear you up for a day of tidying up –– or anything else for that matter.

You should do the 3M routine every morning. Here’s what it entails.

But before getting into the 3M’s, there are two things you must start with. First off, hydrate immediately upon waking to boost both your body and mind to work optimally. Next, make your bed! It sets the tone for the day, gives you a sense of accomplishment, and gets your mind into healthy habit mode. Not to mention, it’s a perfect way to start decluttering early and set the stage for a clean room.

Now you can dive into the 3Ms, which are:

For more details on the 3Ms, check out this blog post for guidance.

Declutter Challenge #5: The Ultimate 21-Day Challenge

Okay, so this one isn’t completely about having a clean room, but that is a part of it. We’re guessing that if you want to make positive changes in your home, you probably want to make some positive changes in your life as a whole. If so, we suggest that you sign up for our 21 day challenge that will help you get out of a funk. It will also help you learn how to organize your life, meet goals, and more. Follow these simple action items — some of which will be a one-time thing and others will continue throughout the duration of the 21 day challenge — to help you reset your life and better yourself physically and mentally. 


Using The Daily Shifts is a great way to organize your home and your life. If you’re looking to make even more positive changes, check out our app which will help you stay on track to meeting your goals and bettering yourself daily.

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