8 Activities to Celebrate Earth Day in 2021

Earth Day 2021 is right around the corner...do you know how you’ll be spending the day? If not, no worries. We’ve got plenty of ideas for you.

This planet is absolutely incredible, but we take it for granted. Earth Day is your opportunity to learn about our planet, enjoy the outdoors, and give back to the earth.

So, happy Earth Day! Here are 8 Earth Day Activities to inspire you for the big day.

Earth Day Activity 1: Learn Some Fun Earth Day Facts

There’s an endless amount of fun facts to learn about Earth. Here are seven of our favorite Earth Day facts that will amaze you, courtesy of Popular Mechanics and Live Science.

  1. Planet Earth is a whopping 10,000 times older than humans. 
  2. If you drive the entirety of Route 66, you are driving a distance longer than the distance from the Earth’s surface to the Earth’s core.
  3. You can feel an earthquake on the other side of the planet, since they occur hundreds of miles below Earth’s surface.
  4. The core of the Earth is as hot as the surface of the sun (about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit!)
  5. Underwater coral reefs have the greatest amount of species per area compared to any other ecosystem on Earth.
  6. Lightning occurs more often than you think. At any given minute, there are about 6,000 lightning flashes around the Earth.
  7. Every day, 100 tons of cosmic dust (AKA interplanetary material) is dropped down to the surface of Earth.

The more you learn about planet Earth, the more motivation you will have to make the world a better place and restore our Earth.

Earth Day Activity 2: Plant a Tree

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. For this reason, some people choose to plant trees to offset their own carbon footprint. So, if you have a backyard and want to do some Earth Day projects, why not plant a tree to do your part? It will be fun and rewarding to watch it grow over the months and even years.

If you don’t have a backyard or if you’d like to plant a tree anywhere in the world, check out One Tree Planted. You can choose a region where you’d like to plant a tree (or multiple trees) for just one dollar each! Pretty cool, right? What a great way to restore our Earth...even from the comfort of our own homes.

Earth Day Activity 3: Go For a Walk

This one’s simple: just get up, get outside, and walk! Too often we get so caught up in work and technology that we forget about how easy it is to just walk out of our front door and get some fresh air! Bonus points if you leave your phone at home when you go for the walk so you can really be mindful of your surroundings and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Earth Day Activity 4: Do Some Upcycling Crafts

Feeling creative? Try upcycling some things you have lying around the house and breathe a new life into them. No matter what you have, we can guarantee there’s something cool that you can make! Check out this Pinterest board for plenty of crafts that work as Earth Day projects.

Earth Day Activity 5: Participate in a Community Cleanup

It’s no secret that our planet is super polluted. Earth Day is a great chance to get involved and make a difference. Do your part in cleaning up some litter in your community by joining a community cleanup. A great resource for this is VolunteerMatch. Just enter your location and filter for “Environment.”  If there aren’t any nearby you, get some friends together and host your own at the beach or park. Cleaning up your surroundings is a great way to restore our earth.

Earth Day Activity 6: Donate to Worthy Causes

If you have the financial means, consider making a donation to an organization that supports wildlife. Here are some ideas of organizations you can donate to in order to restore our Earth:

Earth Day Activity 7: Meditate Outdoors

We love meditation any day of the year, but Earth Day is a great chance to take your meditation practice outdoors. Feel the fresh air as you inhale, and feel one with the Earth as you exhale. Sitting cross-legged in the grass can feel very grounding and anxiety-relieving, but you can definitely bring out a pillow or chair if you prefer that. If you need help finding your zen, check out our guided meditation scripts. You can also meditate using our app.

Earth Day Activity 8: Watch A Show or Movie About The Earth

Want to learn more about the earth? Unwind at night by watching an educational show or movie about our planet. One of our current favorites is Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth on Apple TV.

There are plenty of other awesome options available on Netflix, such as:

  • A Life On Our Planet
  • Our Planet
  • Chasing Coral
  • Night on Earth
  • Kiss The Ground

Watching shows like this will inspire you to get out there and make changes to restore our Earth. 

PS: If you’re interested in more educational shows, check out these four binge-worthy shows that will make you smarter.


We hope you love these Earth Day activities for Earth Day 2021! If you’re feeling inspired and looking to make some positive changes in your life, try taking our 5-day challenge to reset your life. Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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