4 Binge Worthy Shows that Will Make You Smarter

Do you feel like your binge watching habit is making you lose brain cells? Well, you’re not alone. In quarantine, especially as the weather gets colder, it seems like there’s not that much else to do with ourselves than bundle up on the couch (or in bed) with our streaming service of choice. However, we all know that binge watching isn’t adding much value to our lives, but what if it did? Enter: educational shows.

Not all educational shows today are like the boring ones we all watched in high school. In fact, we’d go so far as to say these educational shows are definitely fun binge worthy shows. We’ve watched a lot of the following four shows, and we promise, they’re super entertaining. No snooze fests, here.

Here are the best binge worthy educational shows in 2020.

Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey

Love Neil deGrasse Tyson? Us too. Tyson hosts this 13 part series that will take you all throughout the universe. This is for sure the most binge worthy show for outerspace and science lovers. You’ll learn about everything from the big bang, black holes, evolution, and even the possibility of life on other planets. 

Where to binge watch it in 2020: YouTube, Disney+

One Strange Rock

In the grand scheme of things, not many people have left planet earth and returned to tell the story. However, these people – astronauts – are the ones who tell the stories in this series. This perspective makes it one of the most unique educational shows out there. Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to hear about awesome stuff as told by astronauts? You’ll learn all about how life thrives on earth, and more. Oh, and Will Smith hosts it! 

Where to binge watch it in 2020: Disney+

Hacking Your Mind 

Think it’s hard for your mind to be hacked? Well, think again. This show will open your eyes to something you might not have been aware of before. People, namely, the media and people in power, may be influencing your mind without you realizing it. This series is a wake up call. Plus, you’ll learn how to protect your mind from being hacked in a negative way as well as how you can make your life better. Bonus: Since it’s just a four part series, it’s the best binge worthy show if you’re looking for a small time commitment.

Where to binge watch it in 2020: PBS

Brain Games

Interactive binge worthy shows? Count us in! This show is designed to really, well, play brain games with you. With this educational show, you’ll learn all about the inner workings of your brain and what makes you tick. Plus, there are a whopping eight seasons of this show, so if you’ve got plenty of time on your hands, this is one of the best binge worthy TV shows for you!

Where to binge watch it in 2020: Disney+

So there you have it! These four binge worthy shows will teach you a lot, and watching educational shows will likely make you feel a lot less guilty about your binge watching habit in 2020. 

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