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Your questions answered.

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How do I access the course?

My content is available on a reputable, fully digital platform so you can move through the course at your own pace. During the first section, I’ll also show you how to set up a mobile account for lessons on the go.

How does it work?

My course is structured to help busy parents see positive changes as soon as possible. We start with THEORY and the principles of healthy discipline, then jump straight into STRATEGY so you can start applying my tactics the very same day.

How long until I see results?

The beauty of this course is that you can start seeing results the same day! These strategies are designed to teach your child healthy boundaries and teach you confidence in your authority immediately, and that only improves over time.

What exactly is included?

This course includes more than 20 videos, 50 pages of content, downloadable resources, and a bustling online community of parents just like you.

Will this help?

While the cause of and treatment for ODD varies slightly from everyday defiance, these discipline techniques have done wonders for ODD families in my medical practice. In fact, I even have a specific section of the course dedicated to ODD.

Will it work for me and my family?

Every family is unique, but the underlying developmental reasons behind why children act out are the same. So no matter what your family looks like, these principles are guaranteed to work for you.