"Why Am I Alive?" Learn How to Maximize Your Life

At The Daily Shifts, we believe you only live once, so you better make the most of it! From fulfilling your deepest desires to finding a relationship that brings you joy, and aspiring to do satisfying work. Making the most of our life is a top priority when it comes to self-care, which is why we like to take the time to explore the question, “why am I alive?”

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we achieve self-actualization or the realization of our talents and potentialities by releasing negative thoughts and realizing our true value.  Asking ourselves often, “why am I alive,” will bring us closer to finding our true purpose and maximizing our life to its fullest potential. 

When we allow ourselves to explore our reason for existence, we start to inherently realize our own self-worth in new and meaningful ways. The essence of living a meaningful life is appreciating life itself. Each of our individual experiences is important because no one else can do what you are here to do. Through deep introspection about “why am I alive?” we can begin to unfold our own self-expression and creativity, ultimately leading us to the achievement of self-actualization and making the most of this life. 

Let’s explore some different life tips to start your own self-inquiry to the purpose and meaning of your own life.

Why Am I Alive?

“Why am I alive?” Is such an empowering question because it allows us to deeply explore our own desires and expressions. When we study this question, we start to reveal our inherent value and purpose. Maybe by asking yourself, “why am I alive,” you will discover much more than just your meaning for existence, you will find joy and passion.

The answers to, “why am I alive,” consist of the central motivating aims of your life. It’s everything to do with mindset. These are the reasons you get up in the morning. This can guide life decisions, influence behavior, shape goals, offer a sense of direction and create meaning.

Maximize Your Life with These Life Tips

Maximizing your life can mean anything from finding satisfying work to being of service and even optimizing your relationships. You might even simply be looking to find happiness. First, you have to ask yourself important questions to establish a foundation for yourself. Along with “why am I alive?”, asking yourself things like, what does a maximized life look like to me, and how close am I to living my best life? Doing the homework will help you implement build healthy habits to bring you closer to your goals and dreams. 

Use our favorite tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals and maximize your human experience. 

  1. Wake up with gratitude.
  2. Designate 10 minutes a day to journaling and introspection.
  3. Take yourself for a walk outside.
  4. Daily meditation practice.
  5. Take time to plan.

Goal Mapping and How To Achieve Your Goals

Speaking of planning… Goal mapping is a great way to discover your purpose and direction. 

A goal map is basically a roadmap for your life. It’s a place for you to keep all your personal objectives clearly laid out. This map encompasses all areas of your life, from financial to professional, physical to social, spiritual, and so on. 

A goal map can be created digitally or physically and can be as short or long as you wish. Start by writing down the different categories where you have goals you want to achieve, then, fill in the lists with what you want to achieve within those areas. If you’re a visual person, create a slide presentation with images and words, and if you’re more analytical, try creating a spreadsheet to track your progress. Whichever you choose, goal mapping is a great way to explore the topic, why we’re alive, and what our true life purpose is.

How to focus on "Things I Can Control"

Sometimes, things may seem out of control and it causes us to ask ourselves, “why am I alive?” Next time you find yourself worrying, take a moment to examine the things you have control over. By examining the moment, we realize in any situation, the only thing we really have control over, is our reaction. Focusing on what you can control can help with letting go of the past and forgiving yourself and others. 

We maximize our life by building healthy habits and taking the time to slow down. Slowing down gives us space to recognize the only thing we have any control over is our own effort and attitude. When you start to put your energy into yourself and the things you can control, you'll find much more success and happiness throughout your life.

The age-old question "Why Am I Alive?" has been present since the beginning of time. We hope you have enjoyed these life tips to help you maximize your experience and live a rich and full life. For more inspiration and ways to start your own journey toward a happier more fulfilled life, check out Holy Shit We’re Alive, the book!

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