Learn How to Calm Anxiety Quickly and Easily

Anxiety can make you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts and emotions. Many people experience fear, uneasiness, dread, and other unpleasant sensations. Introducing mindfulness practices to help calm yourself down and quiet anxiety can help transform your unpleasant experiences and overcome anxiety.

Even though many of us experience anxiety, most of us have not been properly equipped with the right tools to calm anxiety and quiet the mind. Mindfulness practices can consist of breathwork, movement, meditation, journaling, and other healing modalities. They can take as little or as much time as your schedule allows. At the Daily Shifts, we’ve found adding one 5-minute mindfulness practice every day can help build a better mindset and calm anxiety. 

When we’re feeling anxiety, it usually indicates that we aren’t living in the present moment. Maybe we’re worried about the future or need to let go of the past - regardless of your experience, learning to calm anxiety and manage stress is essential to finding happiness within. 

Mindfulness practices open up space for intentional pause and connection to yourself throughout your day. These practices are a perfect remedy to help calm anxiety during times of distress. You can extend these practices to your daily routine by bringing mindfulness to your eating, work, and other day-to-day activities. 

At the Daily Shifts, we’re here to help you learn healthy habits to help calm your anxiety and live a more rich and full life.

Here are 3 easy ways to help you find inner peace and calm your anxiety:

Take Some Deep Breaths

During times of distress, your breath will become your best friend. When we focus our attention on our breath we intrinsically engage our bodies with our mind. This direct line of communication allows us to concentrate on our current reality and find our center. 

Taking intentional and thoughtful deep breaths throughout your day is a great way to mitigate anxiety before it occurs, but what about when you’re already in it, spiraling? When we focus on our breath we are better equipped to manage anxiety symptoms while they are happening.  Intentionally using our breath will connect us directly to the present moment and bring about a more calm and clear state of being. Try a simple box breath to start.

Go For a Walk 

As most of us know by now, exercise is one of the best ways to raise your frequency and improve your overall well-being. It’s no surprise going for a walk can help calm anxiety, too. Combine your deep breaths from above with a short walk around your neighborhood to calm yourself down and alleviate some of the sensations you might be experiencing. 

Moving our bodies also encourages serotonin and reduces cortisol production, ultimately leaving our bodies in a more relaxed state of being. Build healthy habits and try out the adventure walk to calm anxiety and reduce symptoms during times of distress.

Try a Mini-Meditation from The DailyShifts App

Meditation is the ultimate healthy habit and is essential on the path to finding inner peace. No matter where you are or what might be causing your anxiety, take a moment and try our mini-meditation to calm yourself down and bring peace to your inner world.

Our mini-meditation from The Daily Shifts app will help you build healthy habits and grow your mindfulness practice. Our practices offer feelings of a more calm, clear, and confident self— one small shift at a time.  

The hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives can leave us feeling out of control. Now, more than ever, it is essential to create healthy habits that will help us build a better mindset and calm anxiety. Next time you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed by your thoughts and emotions, we hope these practices will help you connect to your highest self and ground into a more peaceful, intentional life.

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