5 Powerful Books About Depression and Anxiety for 2021

Throughout the different chapters of our lives, we will inevitably experience bouts of anxiety and depression. These emotions tend to bubble to the surface when you least expect them. It can be difficult to forge a path forward without external guidance in the form of therapy, medication, books, and human connection. The key is to acknowledge and better understand these emotions and where they are coming from so we can live happier and healthier lives!

These 5 books about anxiety and depression will help you get motivated and inspired to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, whether you’re already on a journey toward healing, looking for ways to enrich your mind, or simply need a good book for the pool this summer. 

Here are our picks for the most powerful books about depression and anxiety.

Rising Strong - Brené Brown

If you haven’t been feeling yourself and are on a quest for more, Rising Strong should be first on your list. Find new ways of dealing with feelings of weakness and failure by embracing a close relationship with shame and vulnerability. Brené drives home the importance of authenticity especially during times of failure and gives us the courage to feel down and embrace our stories so we can use them as our superpower! 

Isn’t Brene Brown all of our cheerleaders by now?

You Are a Badass - Jen Sincero

For those of you in need of extra cheering up, You Are a Badass will give you a confidence boost in all the right places and a swift kick in the rear to keep you humble. This quick read gently coaches you through the obstacles that may be standing in the way of your happiness and how you can implement some serious changes to create the life you really want. By the end of this book, you’ll love yourself for who you are and honor all of the things you are working hard to change.

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle introduces a more mindful approach to navigating mental health and wellness. This book will bring more conscious awareness to your thoughts and emotions through self-reflection and presence. The message is simple, live in the now and you will be on your truest path to happiness and enlightenment. Read this book to gain a deeper understanding of your interactions with yourself and others and how they relate to your overall well being.

Emotional Agility - Susan David

Anxiety and depression have a funny way of compounding when we’re already feeling down. When setbacks start to stack themselves, and we begin to worry, how are you facing these challenges? Emotional Agility is how you make it through the storm. Only by becoming more agile in our emotions, can we start to understand and empathize with others and ultimately ourselves. Through this four-step approach, you will understand how to better navigate your emotions during times of distress so you can adapt and align your actions for your best possible life.

Holy Sh!t We're Alive - Doug Cartwright

In Holy Sh!t We’re Alive, learn how you can live with more intention, trust yourself, and show up every day for a meaningful life. As you navigate your mental health, learn how self-love is your superpower. No matter your life circumstances, this book will give you permission and motivation to stop holding yourself back and do the work to maximize your human experience. 

Read stories about silent retreats, astrophysics, neuroscience, philosophy, and other forms of self-healing. By realizing your mistakes and building a new reality, you can find your purpose in a happy and healed life.

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