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5 Ways to Turn Cleaning into Mindfulness

Inviting mindfulness to daily chores can make the ordinarily mundane an energizing experience. Here are five ideas for mindful cleaning and organizing.


Love life looking bleak? Bring the spark back with mindful dating.

Mindfulness is the key to deepening romantic connections. Here are 4 ways you can invite mindfulness to your love life and reap the benefits.


4 Signs Of Progress In Meditation

It can be difficult to measure progress with meditation. Here are some signs that may indicate you’re progressing.


9 Ways to Be More Mindful of Your Space

Make the most of your space while you’re stuck at home. Start by being mindful of space in two ways: metaphorical space and physical space.


4 Ways To Practice Mindful Eating

It’s the perfect time to refresh your diet to foster great gut health by being mindful with what you put in your body. Here are a few ways to do it:


5 Ways To Turn Cleaning Into Mindfulness

Are you wanting to be more mindful in your everyday life? Here are five ways you can practice mindful cleaning and organization in your home.


Why Everyone’s Talking About the Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Breathing technique claims to be good for mind, body and soul. Here are our thoughts on the Wim Hof episode of The Goop Lab.


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