4 Ways To Protect Your Mental Health During Quarantine

We’re living through a situation that’s truly unprecedented. In some parts of the country, people have been quarantining for weeks already.

While this is what we need to do for our physical health and our loved ones’ physical health, it’s crucial that we check in with ourselves mentally during this time.

There’s nothing we can do to change the fact that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. This is a case where we have to give up control, and succumb to the fact that an isolated, quarantined life is going to be the norm for a while.

But let’s reframe how we’re thinking about this. A perspective shift, if you will. By staying home and social distancing, we’re doing our part to flatten the curve and LITERALLY save lives! How cool is that? Plus, having a bit more time on your hands gives you the space to take care of yourself and your mental health, which needs some TLC in a situation like this.

Here are 5 simple self- care ideas that you can do at home to stay mentally well during this time.

‍1. Gratitude journaling‍

It’s too easy to get caught up on the negative stuff in a time like this. That’s why it’s more important than ever to remember the good things we have in our lives. Take a couple of minutes to write down at least five things you’re grateful for, big or small.

‍2. Meditation‍

If your excuse to not meditate was always that you were too busy...well, now you have the time. Research has shown that even just several minutes of meditating a day can make a difference for your mental health. Start with short sessions and work your way up to longer ones.

‍3. Stay social‍

And by staying social, we mean virtually social. Humans need interaction with other humans. Make it a point to have at least one phone call or Facetime/Skype a day with a friend or family member. You can laugh with each other or cry with each other—whatever the day calls for. It’s all about human connection.

4. Have some sort of routine‍

One thing that’s throwing a lot of people off is their lack of routine. Maybe people get very comfortable with their daily routine, going to the same places at the same time, and so on. Creating some sort of routine that you can do at home can help create a sense of normalcy during this crazy time.

‍5. Don’t hesitate to ask for help‍

Feeling anxiety or fear or sadness doesn’t equal weakness, and asking for help doesn’t equal weakness either. If you’re struggling, reach out to a trusted loved one and let them know what’s going on. Alternatively, now is a great time to try out teletherapy if you’d like some help from a pro. Many therapists are switching to online practices during this pandemic, or you can check out a fully online therapy platform like Talkspace or Better Help.  

Try these tips out, and check back in your inbox next week for tips on staying physically healthy during quarantine.

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