4 Ways for Staying Healthy at Home During Quarantine

We’re going through a lot of changes right now, and as we’re learning, it can be really difficult to adjust to such a sudden and severe change.

Now that we spoke about keeping our mental health in check last week, it’s time to dive in and make sure our physical health isn’t being ignored. Staying healthy at home is important. Let’s all take a minute to check in with our bodies and reflect on the past few weeks.

Have you been turning to unhealthy eating habits since being stuck at home?

Have you abandoned all fitness goals since you can’t go to the gym anymore?

Are you spending any time outdoors?

It’s not easy to stay fit and healthy right now, trust me, I get it!

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 4 simple things you can do for your physical health to stay healthy at home during quarantine.

1. Set goals and make plans‍

Sit down and think about your health goals for this time. You may have already had some goals in the works before our lives were turned upside down. In that case, figure out how you can adapt your goals to be workable given the resources you have now. Write down your goals, and set plans for what you need to do to accomplish them. You might even want to create a daily checklist of exercise or diet-related things that you can reference everyday to keep you on track. 

2. Attend online fitness classes‍

Just because you can’t go to the gym or your favorite fitness studio, it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. YouTube has an endless amount of workout videos available for free. Some of our favorite channels are Yoga With Adriene for all types of yoga for all levels, Blogilates for at-home pilates-inspired workouts, and SELF magazine’s channel for a variety of easy-to-follow workouts. Plus, many studios are doing live streams on Instagram or Facebook so be sure to check out your go-to spots to see if they’ll be streaming any classes. 

3. Maintain a healthy diet‍

It’s all too easy to fall prey to snacking on junk food all day when stuck in quarantine. It’s okay to indulge in junk food and desserts from time to time, but you don’t want to let it consume you. When you head to the grocery store or order your groceries online, make sure you get a nice selection of healthy snacks and ingredients to use in meals. 

Going back to step one, planning ahead can be really helpful here. Now’s a good time to get into learning to cook, meal prepping, and figuring out what diet works best for you. Again, YouTube’s a great resource here. Check out HealthNut Nutrition for meal prep inspiration, budget meal ideas, and even 5-minute meals.

4. Get outdoors‍

This isn’t just good for your physical health, but also for your mental health. Yes, we’re being told to stay home, but we are allowed to go for walks or runs or bike rides (local laws permitting) as long as you stay 6 feet away from anyone else out there. Getting outside will get you active and moving, plus, you’ll get vitamin D. Not only is this important for your mood, but it’s also a crucial vitamin your body needs to help absorb calcium to maintain healthy bones. Also, it’ll boost your immune system, which is crucial during quarantine..

Following these 4 simple ways can make a big difference to help keep your body healthy and . You don’t have to do this all at once. You can work your way up to creating a healthy daily routine, and you’ll be in the swing of it in no time.

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