4 Restorative Activities for World Environment Day

World Environment Day started on June 5, 1972. It is a day designed to raise awareness and encourage action toward the challenges facing our environment. This year is dedicated to the protection and revival of precious ecosystems all over the world.

Creating healthy habits is how we set ourselves up for success and our success widely depends on the success of our planet. World Environment day is a great opportunity for us to create new habits that allow us to connect with and appreciate the Earth and all that it does for us!

Here are four activities to do on June 5 to celebrate your place in this world.

Restore Your Environment for World Environment Day 2021

Trees and forests provide the life force for our planet. They capture carbon from the atmosphere, fertilize and protect soils, provide firewood and timber, and shelter many of the planet’s animals, birds and insects. 

Forest ecosystems are facing intense distress from our growing population. Planting trees is a simple and impactful restoration activity. Trees tend to thrive best in places where they are used to growing like, former forest land, gardens, parks, and even your own backyard.

The key to planting a tree is remembering to grow it. Many trees will die if you fail to protect and water them. You can get more details for tree restoration in this Guide to Tree Planting and Ecosystem Restoration.

Improve Human Wellbeing 

Cities around the world are making efforts to become greener and more sustainable. Green cities are characterized by having plentiful parks, community gardens, bike lanes, efficient public transportation, urban forestry, and so much more. 

Creating healthy habits is just one ingredient to the overall wellness of humans. Along with your meditation or mindfulness practices, how are you incorporating new practices to improve your environment? Not just your immediate environment, but what steps can you take to improve  your neighborhood or even your city?

Strive for Sustainability

Sustainability is a hot word, but let’s take it nice and slow. You can start by bringing mindfulness to your shopping and eating habits. Simple swaps, like going plastic free and reducing food waste are a perfect way to begin your journey toward a more sustainable lifestyle. You can also bring attention to things like your water and energy usage. Lowering your meat consumption, avoiding toxic chemicals, and limiting waste are also great ways to create more sustainable habits. 

Educate yourself and consider how the food you eat, the water you drink, and everything else you consume impacts the environment. What are some changes you can make to live more sustainably?

Be an Advocate for the World's Environment

You can start by getting involved in a sustainable program in your community or by starting your own. Try stepping out of your comfort zone by volunteering for a community garden or the National Park Service. Whatever way you choose to participate, you will definitely feel the positive impacts of being outdoors and helping to create a better world.

Find a World Environment Day 2021 event near you.

We hope you love these World Environment Day activities for World Environment Day 2021! If you’re feeling inspired and looking to make some positive changes in your life, try our Daily Shifts App. Happy World Environment Day, everyone!

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