Alchemy summit


This incredible group of humans are revered for their expertise, their inspiring stories, and change-making presences. In addition, they are all firm believers in the alchemy potential of the human spirit.

Doug Cartwright

What’s Your Story? & Cycle of Transformation
Doug Cartwright is a speaker, author, and the CEO and Founder of The Daily Shifts, an online company dedicated to inspiring lasting transformation of the mind, body, and soul. The Daily Shifts was born from Doug’s personal journey of introspection and healing.

Now an app, a master class, and blog, The Daily Shifts has appeared on ABC News, Spectrum TV, NBC News, Thrive Global, and in Psychology Today, among others. Doug is also the Founder of Alchemy Coaching. A personal development and fulfillment community for sales professionals.
Instagram: @doug_cartwright

Alissa Jo

Detroit. Chicago. Alissa received her education in heavy house at the birthplace. Still, some part of her always wanted something a little less aggressive than EDM and techno, which the Michigan native discovered in Melodic and Deep House. Lighter. Brighter. Smooth sounds evoking Ibiza and Miami that meld her dual interest in wellness and dance. It’s that uplifting spirit that Alissa brings to her sets, where her sessions include everything from nu-disco and house to Prince and Rufus Du Sol. When Alissa isn't spinning records at upscale lounges, or Alo Yoga store launches, she is opening up for artists like Nora En Pure, Sam Feldt and Thomas Jack. Alissa is the founder of Deep House Yoga, which provides live, in-person DJ yoga at music festivals and pop up events in Chicago, and LA.
Instagram: @alissajosey

Miriam Isa

The Art of Meaningful Listening
Miriam Isa is a renown TV host, writer, and public speaker. As the daughter of Cuban-Lebanese refugees, she learned early on that the key to human connection… is empathy. 300M YouTube views later, her commentary on pop culture, politics and current events has been seen all over the world.

Her passionate interviews and comedic timing led her to become a bilingual correspondent for E! News, ESPN Deportes, Telemundo, and Al Jazeera’s Beln Sport. Whether speaking with Super Bowl winners or political prisoners, Miriam’s interviews always feel human.

Today, Miriam is leaning into that humanity by traveling the globe as an international keynote speaker. Her talks on tribalism and the power of storytelling have been voted “most memorable” in two languages on three continents.
Instagram: @miriam_isa

Maddie Ireland

Peak State Performance
Maddie Ireland is an Integrative Health Coach and health & wellness advocate. She’s passionate about helping people make sustainable improvements in their eating and daily habits in order to reach their peak state and transform their lives.

Her passion stems from 10 years working in the food & beverage and health & wellness industry. She sub-majored in Psychology and studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Working in hospitality from the age of 18, she had always been the party girl, abusing her body through poor diet, excessive drinking habits, very little exercise or sleep and not looking after her mental state. She realized there was more to life, that being healthy actually felt great and what she could achieve when she was in this peak state. She made the decision to substantially cut back on alcohol, make small shifts in her eating habits over time and discovered physical activities that she loves. Through these, she has been able to completely transform her life and wants to help others do the same.

Maddie’s passion for health & wellness radiates through her clients as they work together to build a healthy and sustainable foundation in nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness allowing them to  achieve their bigger goals, reach their peak mental and performance state and show up as the best version of themselves.

Starielle Hope

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Starielle is a Sex, Relationship & Intimacy Coach who specializes in working with men to help them clear blocks to intimacy, reveal subconscious patterns that are keeping them from the sex & connections they want to experience, and attract world-class women. She has a decade of experience studying relationships, sexuality, evolutionary psychology, communication techniques, masculine/feminine energy dynamics and tantra. She holistically teaches skills for deeper intimacy by addressing the emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual planes to empower her clients to experience new depths of connection in their romantic relationships and broader communities.
Instagram: @stariellehope

David Block

Celebration Experience
David Block is constantly pushing the boundaries of live electronic music. Playing, composing, and conducting his own electronic symphony live on stage, his performances are brimming and layered with human emotion, world exploration, and sacred sounds. Whether performing by himself, or with his live band, “The Human Experience”, David always delivers an emotionally charged show.

For over a decade, David has been exploring the intersection of mindfulness and music. His belief is through focusing our attention and sharpening our faculty of awareness that we can align ourselves with a more balanced way of living. He has presented on mindfulness, creative process, and using art as a tool for transformation all over the world at institutions like the MIT media lab, to festivals/events like Lightning in a bottle festival and Mindvalley’s Afest.

Aaron Doria

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Born and raised in San Diego, middle child of 5. Graduated at BYU in advertising and was awarded Most Promising Minority of the Year in 2013, true story. Been married for 9 years and we have 3 kids, being a Dad will be my greatest achievement.

Worked at an advertising agency in Chicago where I wrote copy for KFC’s social media. Quit advertising in 2014 to go full time at Vivint and explore my potential in D2D sales. I came to Vivint with 4 recruits and now this year we’ll manage over 22,000 smart home accounts and 1,300 Solar installs.

I love my job, ask me why.
Instagram: @aarondoria

Kacie Pinder

Sound Bath Facilitator
Kacie a 500 Hour E-RYT, who has trained in India as well as multiple trainings and  multiple certifications in the U.S. Kacie is also certified in Breathwork, Hammock Yoga, Sound Healing, Restorative Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Energy Work, and Cold Therapy. These are my papered credentials, yet it’s been my experiences that truly formed me as a Teacher and Human.

I have been a yoga teacher for 13 years and yoga has been one of my biggest journeys, providing me a path to finding myself. This journey ignited a passion for teaching everyday humans, who are searching for truth like I have. My goal is to infuse an experience into the practice of yoga by incorporating spirituality, rituals, & breath-work exercises to provide the knowledge to ground down in everyday life.

My reality has been that before I can grow, I have had to peel back layers and do the work required of investigating my wounds. I found that through yoga, in alchemy with other modalities, I have been able to ground and breathe.

I questioned how I’ve lived my life, how I’ve shown up in this world, addressed the ripple effect I have had, and my behaviors. This has been no easy feat my friends. And I’m still learning to pull all the layers back. My experiences have become my teacher, and have allowed me the space to invite others.

This is the work of a hero. And we are all invited to be our own hero as we show up over and over again, without the guarantee of an outcome.
Instagram: @karmakac

Meredith Baker

Breath-work Facilitator
Meredith Baker is an executive coach, breath-work facilitator, and co-founder of the LA-based experience company More of That. Through her signature methodology combining breath-work, visualization, and guided inquiry, she has led hundreds of high-performers through 1-1 coaching, group coaching, and large experiences to their most empowered and connected self.

Zack Andersen

Today’s the Day!
Zack is the youngest Regional Sales manager at a multi-billion dollar tech company. Through his career there he has lead and trained hundreds of sales reps. He is the host of Todays The Day Podcast, and spends the majority of his day designing and creating the life he’s always wanted and helping others to do the same.
Instagram: @zazaandersen

David Allred

Real Estate Investment Opportunity
Dave launched a highly successful 17 year career with Vivint, the nation’s largest smart home security company, where he served 8 years as a regional Vice President of Sales followed by 3years with sister company Vivint Solar where he led over 100 sales teams across the country contributing to both companies eventually going public with multi-billion dollar valuations.

In addition to speaking and teaching from stage, Dave consults for several small to medium size high growth businesses across the country helping increase profitability and expand their businesses through executive business consulting. Dave also created his unique “Lifestyle Design” program focused on living life fully with freedom and purpose. Creating value and inspiring others is his life purpose, and over the last two decades Dave has mentored and lead thousands of others to level up via optimizing results.

Dave first started investing in real estate 19 years ago and has since scaled his business into an impressive portfolio of multifamily and commercial real estate across the country. His extensive experience includes single family, flips, hard money lending, Airbnb, multifamily, self-storage, senior housing, land acquisition and entitlement, distressed debt, joint ventures, syndications, and fund management.

At age 30 Dave committed to building a portfolio with ownership in 1,000 rental doors by age 40. Having executed this goal, he’s now launched Axia Partners, a national real estate fund focused on creating wealth through recession resilient passive income, where he serves asManaging Partner. Along with his wife and 4 young children, Dave recently launched the Allred Family Foundation which focuses on giving back and supporting multiple humanitarian causes.His passion lies in helping inspire others to gain financial freedom through lifestyle investing, all things high adventure, and living life all out.
Instagram: @daveallred

Genevieve Jae

Celebration Experience
Genevieve Jae is a prolific movement artist, producer, and fear specialist who has performed all over the globe, from international Grand Prixs to blockbuster films, from Antarctica to The Grammy’s celebration.

Her work and life is dedicated to exploring the vast expansions of the human experience, and sharing it with others. She explores pushing the edges of what’s possible, from training as a Gravity jet-suit pilot, to pyrotechnic fire stunts, from ice climbing to cage-less shark diving.

Genevieve is world renowned for her fire shows, with magnetic performances that call audiences into full presence and power.

What is the difference between fear and danger? How do step fully into the fire, and embrace our courage?

Through performance and play, Genevieve invites audiences to meet her there, right at the edge.

Jessica Encell Coleman

Magic of Human Connection
Jessica is considered one of the world's leading experts in creating experiences that deepen connection among teams, groups and communities. Jessica has led 30,000 plus participants through her connection experiences and has been featured as a keynote presenter alongside Al Gore, Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Ariana Huffington, Jim Kwik, Jay Shetty and more. She works with the world's top conferences, events and companies to create transformational keynote experiences that have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of leaders, entrepreneurs and heart centered people all over the world. The most common feedback from participants leaving her classes is that they are 'life-changing.'

Jaycen Shaw

Above the Bar
29 years old, married to my high school sweetheart with two amazing kids and another due in October. Born and raised in St George, Utah.

I’ve been working in the D2D industry for 10 years and have consistently been in the top 1% for the past 9 years. Started in pest control and eventually made my way over to Vivint where we do both Smart Home and Solar.

My strengths are culture, recruiting and retaining reps. Creating a fun work environment and mindset training.
Instagram: @jshaw64