Personal Changes
Professional Growth

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Alexander learned the value of being away from distraction and finally had the time to get a ton of clarity on problems that had been stressing him out for months on end.
Colton learned the importance of showing up authentically and how powerful it truly can be to take a step away from your phone and other distractions.
Doug learned how to center himself and find a balance with work, family, friends, personal time, and self-improvement.
Paul discovered and worked through limiting beliefs that were keeping him from reaching his full potential.
Alex learned to be vulnerable with himself, listen to his inner voice, discern what he really wants from life, and how to have a better work/life balance.
Danny got clarity on what he really needed to change to avoid burnout and function at the top of his game both in his business and personal life.
Andrew found clarity & work/life balance. The next year he upped his income by $300k!
Freddie overcame a 6-week sales slump and changed how he looked at achieving goals.
Clara reconnected with her inner voice and increased her productivity, creativity, and overall happiness in life.
You can only find answers to life’s questions by taking time to stop, slow down, and focus on what’s going on internally.
“It’s vital to be intentional in your interactions and to focus on and engage with the people in front of you.”
“Things tend to work themselves out when you’re able to let go of the constant need for control and overthinking.”