Shift My Life:
How to Fill the “Success Void”, Achieve Lasting Happiness, and Become the Best Version of Yourself in the Next 42 Days

  1. Live your life at the highest possible level.
  2. Learn to trust yourself and follow your intuition.
  3. Build habits that will create lasting happiness.
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The reality of our lives is created by the stories we tell ourselves… 

A personal note from Doug.
From: Doug Cartwright

Subject: I can help you become aware that life is happening for you.

Now I want you to imagine something...

Picture yourself waking up tomorrow…

And rolling out of bed with a new spring in your step.

Brimming with energy, you feel motivated and fired up to take on the day.

As you sit down and get to work with a coffee in your hand…

It hits you:

THIS is it.

You’re exactly where you want to be.

Doing exactly what you want to do.

Not because your friends or family think it’s what you should be doing...

Not because of the way it affects your status or how other people perceive you..

But because this is what you are MEANT to do.

And where you are MEANT to be.

This is the life you were destined for.

It’s been calling to you all this time…

But now, finally, you’ve answered it.

And because these elusive puzzle pieces have clicked into place for the first time in your life…

Because you finally feel content with who you are and where you’re at in life...

Those feelings of insecurity and inadequacy are gone.

The impostor syndrome you’ve been struggling with has vanished.

Finally, you feel like you ARE “enough.”

Like you HAVE “enough.”

Better still, you’re no longer a slave to your to-do list...

You don’t feel hollow or empty inside when you achieve a new goal…

And meanwhile, this refreshing sense of inner peace has unlocked even higher levels of creativity and productivity…

Allowing you to be truly present and live in the moment, both at work and at home.

Your friends and family can’t help but take notice...

Because you’re firing on all cylinders.

You’re thriving in every area of life, simultaneously.

“So this is what it feels like,” you say to yourself.

And even though you feel compelled to continue chasing growth and success in all areas…

Because that’s just how you’re wired...

You know, deep down…

Even if THIS was all there was…

Even if you achieved nothing more in life than what you already have…

You’d still have a big, fat smile on your face ‘till the end of your days.

You’d still be happier and more fulfilled than 99% of the people you see walking around.

You’d still enjoy every second of every day of this beautiful and amazing life you’ve been blessed with.

Can you picture it?


Now let me ask you...

What would that future be worth to you?

I know if you’d asked me that question back when I started my journey…

I would’ve said “priceless.”

Many of my students have said the same thing.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help people like you unlock new levels of happiness, fulfillment, and purpose in life...

But I also want to make sure you realize...

That traditional mindfulness doesn’t work for most people.

Why not?

Because you need to fix the underlying problem first.

Otherwise these weeds in the garden of your mind… 

These labels and judgements that other people have projected onto you and “installed” into your subconscious... 

Will continue to choke out all the positivity and optimism you need to thrive…

Until you do the work needed to get rid of them for good.

Now, knowing this, you could still decide to try and figure it all out yourself…

After all, the internet is full of free articles and videos on how to become happier, healthier, and more fulfilled...

And I’ve explained exactly how the SHIFT Method works right here….

But first, a word of caution.

If you choose to go this route...

It’s important to understand there is no guarantee you’ll reach your destination.

Because trial and error isn’t a predictable process.

By definition, it’s incapable of producing reliable results.

Don’t forget it took me almost five years to get to where I am today…

The process nearly wiped me out financially...

And I’ll be brutally honest with you here…

There were a few points along the way where I wasn’t sure if I was even going to make it…

So I have to ask…

Are you prepared for that?

Are you ready to live with the uncertainty of not knowing whether you’ll ever make it to the top of the mountain?

And even if you think you are…

Are you really willing to risk letting your life’s greatest moments pass you by in the meantime?

Because the truth is…

The greatest moments of your life are happening right NOW.

In time, you’ll look back on this period of your life and wish you were more present…

More grateful…

And more aware of just how great life can be...

We’ve all heard those stories about the regrets people have on their deathbed…

And I don’t want you to end up as one of these people who looks back on their life and thinks “I should’ve done this…” 

Or “I wish I did that”...

I want you to look back and say to yourself…

“Damn! What an unbelievable life I’ve been blessed to live...”


“Wow! I couldn’t possibly have asked for more…”

Plus, I’m confident that if you’ve made it this far…

Then you’ve got what it takes to go all the way.

Are you ready to join me?

-- Doug


Shift My Life is a 6-week program designed to walk you through the entire SHIFT Method, step-by-step.

So you can finally achieve lasting happiness and fulfillment.

You’ll discover how to uninstall subconscious beliefs, upgrade your mental operating system, develop a powerful daily practice, become the best version of yourself, and a whole lot more.

The program is broken down into ten modules.
Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside….

Week 1

Week 2

What's Your Story?
8 Minutes
How To Rewrite Your Story
12 Minutes

Week 3

Week 4

Discover Who You Really Are
14 Minutes
How To Show Up In The World
15 Minutes

Week 5

12 Minutes
19 Minutes

Week 6

The Power Of Daily Practice
16 Minutes

Deepen your learning and understanding

This accompanying workbook was created to help you strengthen your connection to the course material and apply the lessons to your unique situation.
  • Understand and rewrite your personal story
  • Define and develop a unique relationship with Source
  • Apply goal setting techniques and strategies to reach your ideals
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude with daily exercises to implement into your routine
“These bonus sessions ALONE were worth the entire price of the training! The section about success being exponential was a game changer for me…”
($49 Value)

The Best Week Ever Challenge

5 minutes per day to get you warmed up and ready for big change in your life. This will help you build momentum so you can take the next step in your life.
Receive lifetime access through our learning platform.
All five days will be instantly available to watch. Replay anytime.
($99 Value)

Supercharge Your Morning Routine: The 3 M's

This will help you define your goals and set the tone for your day. Create a morning routine that will set the pace for your day.
Receive lifetime access through our learning platform.
Training includes webinar video.
($19 Value)

5 Happiness Hacks eBook

5 simple changes you can make that will make you feel happier starting today. Big change starts with small changes—I’ll prove it to you.
Receive lifetime access through our learning platform.
Start feeling happier TODAY.
($99 Value)

Goal Planning Calendar

Daily, monthly, and quarterly reminders of your big goals and the actions you’re taking to get you there.
Receive lifetime access through our learning platform.
Includes printable PDF and walkthrough video from Doug.
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The Daily Shifts Private Facebook Community Access

Receive ongoing coaching, get answers to your questions, and receive support as you reprogram your life.
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After your purchase you'll be given a link with instructions on how to join.
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The Daily Shifts App
(iOS only)

Receive a 12-month subscription to my iOS app, "The Daily Shifts." Keep your soul checklist right in your pocket and access amazing prompts, meditations, and challenges each day.
Receive 12-month subscription access.
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How to Look Within to Ease Stress & Anxiety (with Biet Simkin)

What if all the answers you were after you already had? This training will hep you be aware of the present moment to ease anxiety.
Receive lifetime access through our learning platform.
Includes a downloadable anxiety meditation audio file.

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Here are the results you can expect and the skills you will learn in just 10 modules:

Receive your wake up call from the universe and start living your life with intention.
Discover the true gifts that you were born with and how to share them with the world.
Eliminate and remove negative habits holding you back from being your best self.
Learn daily routines to empower you to feel fully alive daily.
Set correct goals that are in alignment with your unique path.
Maximize your human experience and love being you.
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Learn the skills, principles, and insights to help you live more intentionally.
Guided Workbook
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What is the time commitment and schedule for this class?
The course is about 5 hours of content, but you are free to go at your own pace. We recommend completing 2 modules and the additional workbook assignments each week.
What if I miss a day? Can I go back and access it later?
Absolutely. You’ll have lifetime access to all of the course materials and you can rewatch them, replay them, and enjoy them as often as you like.
Will I get direct feedback from Doug Cartwright?
Yes, Doug will be available in the Private Facebook group to answer questions and help you with insights.
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We plan on keeping enrollment for this course open as long as it’s helping our clients, but this special pricing along with the bonuses on this page, are temporary.
What if it’s not what I expect? Can I get my money back?
If the course isn’t what you expected or you don’t see the results you were hoping for contact us within 60-days for a full and immediate refund. We only request that you complete the course and tell us why it didn’t work for you so we can make it ever better.
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